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The Peelle Family Association

Objective. The primary purpose of The Peelle Family Association is to collect, preserve and share information on our family. There are many dedicated researchers who have collected information on several generations of their immediate family, many ending with some unknown ancestor or in some mystery. We have many stories and many pieces of this gaint puzzle which we are working to put together every day. When this web site started in March of 1996, we had a collection of about 7,000 descendents. Through the generousity and caring of our GREAT COUSINS, we now proudly claim to have the largest Peelle family tree ever recorded! But also equally important, we have a lot of information on many other Peele family lines not connected into our family. Hopefully by having a repository of information we can help others in their search for information!

My personal committment is to continue every effort possible to compile information on our family and to share that information freely with those who share with me. This compostion of this web site along with the efforts to write the book titled The First Peelle Family In America should adequately demonstrate our sincerity and devotion to this project.

The Peele Family Newsletter.   The quarterly newsletter "Lawrence, Etc." was published from 2001 thru 2006 by Cousin Diane Peel Walls and her husband Tommy.   Horace Peele is now the publishing editor.  You may submit your family articles to be published free of charge.  The newsletter itself is $5 a year for the four publications.  Previous editions are available at Newsletters in "PDF" format.

Membership. Requirements to join The Peelle Family Association are very simple, the rules:

  • Complete the entries in our Guest Book so that we may know more about you.

  • Join the The Peele Family Researchers List which is a family discussion group sponsored by  The instructions are located further down on this page.

  • Support the publication of our official newsetter "Lawrence, Etc."  : by sending in your articles and items of interest to help us all learn more about our family.

  • Post your queries or messages to to contact The Peele Family Researchers to see if others can help you solve your mysteries.

  • Review all the Peele archive messages posted by others at The Peele Genealogy Archives and help others solve their mysteries.

  • Exchange your family information for inclusion into our central data bank for other needed information on your ancestors.

  • Make a honest effort to support The Peelle Family Association and to share information.

  • And maybe purchase a copy of the book, The First Peelle Family In America if it is ever published.

Membership Dues. Membership is free almost, you simply have to participate, research your family, and help others!!!

The Peele Family Researchers List. Our researchers list, also known as a discussion group, is a FREE service.  Included in the free service is your list subscription, immediate delivery to your mailbox of all new e-mail posted to the list and the ability to review the archives of all past e-mail submitted to the list.  Just complete the box below and then complete the confirmation form.  Once that is done, your e-mail gets delivered to everyone on the list plus automatically filed in the archives. All family researchers are encouraged to join!!!

The Peele Family Researchers List Links:
To subscribe, email to Subscribe To Peele Family Researchers List
To post a message, email to Post a message to Peele Family Researchers List
To unsubscribe, email to Unsubscribe From Peele Family Researchers List
To review archives, go to Review Peele Family Researchers Archives
To Ask for Help, go to Get Peele Family Researchers List Help

Member Benefits. Members of The Peelle Family Association receive the following membership benefits:

  • A great chance to solve some of your most intriguing mysteries.

  • Unlimited use of The Peele Family Researchers List.

  • Free postings of your Most Wanted AKA Brickwalls onto our web site if you desire.

  • A chance for you to leave a legacy to your descendents by helping with a collective genealogical study of our family.

  • Learning the names and e-mail addresses of others who are researching their Peelle, Peele, Peel, Peal family.

  • And, by just being there as a cousin, enjoying life...

Our Annual Convention. Anyone interested in starting one?  When?  Where?  Are you volunteering to be the host or hostess? It would be fun and lots of hard work.

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