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The Peelle Family Photo Gallery #2

This photo gallery contains old photographs sent to me by Cousins from all over the United States.  Some are mysteries which we would like to solve.  If you have a picture that you would like posted here please send it to me and I will post it.  Please include a short narrative with each picture submitted.  I reserve the right to NOT POST pictures submitted if I believe they are not relevant.

Use the Floating Dropdown Menu on the left to view the following photographs posted in this gallery:

  • Caleb Morris Peelle, Inventor

  • Ernest Elmo Peele, Unidentified

  • William Tecumseh Peelle

  • William H. Peel Family, Unidentified from Kentucky

  • Mystery Black Man, Unidentified

  • John Peelle

  • William Walter Peele, Bishop

  • John Peele

  • Orville B. Peele, Inventor

  • Martha Peele, Inidentified

  • Type Gunn Peelle

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