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Horace and Marvin Studying the Family Tree

Generation 1 - Lawrence Peelle - born in 1601 in England, location unknown and died around 1656-1663, probably in Elizabeth City County, VA, on the Western Branch of the Elizabeth River.  Spouse unknown.

Generation 2 - Robert Peelle - born about 1635 in Elizabeth City County, (Lower Norfolk), VA, died after 1714 in Nansemond County, VA.  Spouse unknown.

Generation 3 - Robert Peelle - born about 1657 in Elizabeth City County (Lower Norfolk), VA, died after 1749 in Nansemond Co., VA, married Sarah [widow of Thomas Jarrat] about 1678 who was born about 1657, died about 1703 in Nansemond Co., VA.

Generation 4 - Robert Peelle - born about 1681 in Nansemond County, VA, died after 17 Jan 1756 in Nansemond County, VA, married Judith Edwards about 1708.  She was born about 1688 and died Aug 1756 in Northampton County, NC.  Some people mistakenly list her as Judith Norsworthy.

Generation 5 - Robert Peelle - born 29 Jun 1709 in Nansemond Co., VA, and died 13 Jul 1782 near Rich Square, Northampton County, NC.  He married (first) Elizabeth Edgerton in Jan 1729.  She was born in 1712 in Nansemond County, VA, and died 26 Apr 1749 in Northampton County, NC.  He married (second) Charity Dickinson who was born about 1730 in Nansemond County, VA and died in Northampton County, NC, on 11 Nov 1774.

Generation 6 - Robert Peelle, Jr. - born 15 Sep 1730 in Nansemond County, NC, and died about September but before Nov 1808 in Edgecombe County, NC.  He married (first) Margaret B. Jossey on 05 Sep 1753 in Northampton County, NC.  She was born 12 Jun 1732 in Edgecombe County, NC, and died 21 Sep 1796 in Wayne County, NC.  He married (second) Catherine Fitzgerald, widow of Jonathan Tarte, who was born about 1735 and died Oct 1814 in Edgecombe County.

Generation 7 - David Peelle - born on an unknown day in 1754 in Northampton County, NC, and died 25 Apr 1807 in Wayne County, NC.  He married Priscilla Fletcher on 09 Feb 1794 who was born 30 Oct 1771 in Wayne County, NC, and died there on 16 Nov 1807.

Generation 8 - Robert Peelle - born 25 Feb 1801 in Wayne County, NC, died 28 May 1864, and is buried in the Peele Cemetary, Scotland County, NC.  He married Mary Adams about 1823.  She was born 09 Feb 1806 in Richmond County, NC, and died 17 Apr 1895.  She is buried with her husband.  They had 16 children together from whom there are over 3,000 descendents in that geographical area.

Generation 9 - William Peele - born 19 Jun 1825 in Richmond County, NC, and died 25 Mar 1909.  He is buried in the Peele Cemetary, Scotland County, NC.  Our line comes from his second wife Emily Wright who he married on 19 Mar 1865.  She was born 1837 in Richmond County, NC and died on 15 Oct 1872.  William's first wife was Mary Barrington.  His third wife was Sallie Odom Wright.  William had 16 children by his three wives.

Generation 10 - George Robinson Peele - born 08 Dec 1865 in Marlboro County, SC, and died 13 Nov 1948, buried in the Peele Cemetary, Scotland County, NC.  He married Lina Margaret Adams about 1886.  She was born 16 Feb 1868 and died 22 Jan 1934. She is buried with her husband.  Granddad only had eight children.

Generation 11 - Marvin Buford Peele, Sr. - born 19 Mar 1890 on the Peele Farm, Scotland County, NC, and died on 16 Jun 1984 at 94 years of age.  He married our Mother, Annie Elizabeth Bullard, on 26 Apr 1923 in Bennettsville, SC.  Mother was born on 26 Mar 1902 on the Bullard Farm near Gibson, Scotland County, NC.  She died on 5 June 2002 at the age of 100.  Both are buried in the Peele Cemetery, in Scotland County, northwest of Gibson, NC.  Mom and Dad had six children.

Marvin Buford Peele, Sr. & Annie Elizabeth Bullard
Our Mother and Father

My oldest Brother and Co-Genealogist, Reseacher: Generation 12 - Marvin Buford Peele, Jr. - born 09 Aug 1924 on the Bullard Farm in Scotland County, NC.  He married Mattie Isabelle Smith.  Mattie was born in Faber, VA on 02 Sep 1928.  They have four children, four grandchildren, and have retired in Monroe, VA.

And me, Co-Genealogist and the Computer person: Generation 12 - Horace Bullard Peele - born 02 Jun 1937 in Hamlet Hospital, Hamlet, NC.  I married Patricia Ann Harritt in Bedford, England on 1 Aug 1957.  Patricia was born on 10 Aug 1937 in Biggin, Herts, England.  We have three children and six grandkids, all of us living around the San Antonio, TX area.

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