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Miss Annie,  whom many of you knew personally, and for others who knew her by sending cards to her over the years, died June 5, 2002, at 7:30 AM in the Richmond County Hospice in Rockingham, North Carolina.  God had blessed her with a long life.  She was buried on Sunday June 9, 2002, in the Peele Cemetery where the Peelle Mounment is erected.

Mother died only two months after her 100th birthday.  I was blessed to have had her that long and also blessed that she did not suffer.  God is good!  While it hurts to lose her, I rejoice that she is reunited with Dad in Heaven.  Thank you, Jesus, for your care and attention to her all her life!

"Miss Annie" getting ready
for her 100th Birthday Party!
Look at that smile!

"Miss Annie - Our Mother"

For her 100th, Mother received a Presidential Letter from President Bush as well as a letter from Willard Scott from NBC News.  Representative Goodwin, in a House of Representative Proclamation, declared March 26th, 2002, "Miss Annie Peele Day" for NC District #32.  Mother received 146 cards, many from her family, friends, and her "Internet Pals."  Some came from as far away as Japan, England, Brazil, Belguim, and Canada.  Thanks to all of you who sent her cards over the years and for her 100th, you really do not know how they touched her....

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Mrs. Annie E. Peele
On her 100th Birthday,
March 26, 2002.
Now Deceased

Annie Elizabeth (Bullard) Peele, was born on March 26, 1902, on the Bullard Farm located in Scotland County, North Carolina, just north of the small town of Gibson and died June 05, 2002.  She was the daughter of George Robertson Bullard (1874-1941) and Jeretta Isabella "Belle" Wright (1873-1945).

Mother married Marvin Buford Peele, Sr. on April 25th, 1923.  Father was born on March 19, 1890, on the Peele Farm just north of Gibson in North Carolina but just about 100 yards from the South Carolina state line.  He was the son of George Robinson Peele (1865-1948) and Lina Margaret Adams (1868-1934).  Father died on 16 June 1984 at the age of 94.  When Miss Annie died, she still owned on the Peele Farm purchased just after her marriage in 1923.

As children, Mother and Dad lived about 2 miles apart across the Beaver Dam Creek.  When Father returned from World War I, he became the Chief of Police (the only policeman) of Gibson, NC.  While a policemen, he met Mother, proposed and they were married.  Mother was 21 and Father was 33.  I now cherish the 6-shot pistol that he used when he was on duty.  It is a 32 caliber Smith and Weston, patented in 1906, 1909, and 1914.

Mother was a living example of what historians and patriots alike call " The Greatest Generation", a generation that carried this nation to victory in the fight for freedom during the two world wars and out of the economic plight of the Great Depression.  She was a monument of days gone by.

Again, while I have now loss bothg my parents, I want to remind everyone about having older relatives, take time to "HUG THEM WHILE YOU HAVE THEM".  I am glad I hugged mine.  If you have an older person in your life, be thankful!  If you don't, I'm sorry.  They are so precious and just as I have now lost my beautiful lady, Miss Annie, you will lose yours tomorrow.

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