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"Those who don't remember their ancestors don't deserve to be remembered!"

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"Horace Peele"

After many years years of research, my brother Marvin and I have completed the Peele Chronicles, a book that attempts to capture the history and enormity of this wonderful family and some of its contributions to the formation of this nation as it spread across America. It covers over three hundred years of PARTIAL history... since no family history is ever complete.  Be sure to take a detailed look at the Book Outline.

That history starts with our ancestor Lawrence Peelle who arrived in Virginia in late March or early April 1621. The existing London Company records show that there were only 603 people recorded living in Virginia in March 1621 just as Lawrence arrived. He was truly one of the first settlers of this, our great land.

Since January 2001, we have published a quarterly newsletter by the name of "Lawrence, Etc." You are invited to submit articles or items of interest on your family line for inclusion in the newsletter.  Previous editions are posted on this web site in PDF format.  You may download these, print and read, etc.

In December 2011, I published my first book, the Peele Chronicles, a 500 page book on the HISTORY of the Peelle/Peele/Peel/Peal family.  While the book contained some genealogy, it was primarily a history book showing the growth and movement of the family across the states through time.  I was overwhelmed with the rapid sell-out of the book.  Many copies were delivered for Christmas in 2011.

Then in March of 2013, I announced the publication of the Peele Heritage, a 750 page genealogy book listing the first ten generations of the family.  As of this update (May 2013), 200 hundred of the 300 copies of the Peele Heritage have been sold and delivered.  I thank each of you for your purchases and if you have not yet purchased your book, please order soon because they will soon be gone. These will become rare books.

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