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"The First Peelle Family in America"
"A Multi-Volume Book Set"
Table of Contents

The first book of "The First Peelle Family In America" will be two sets, one for History-Genealogy and another for Genealogy.  The first book known as "Peele Chronicles" was printed on 15 December 2011.  It is possible that the Genealogy book will be two volumes due to its large size. 

The "Peele Chronicles", our History-Genealogy book is organized into a progressive set of chapters.  Each chapter relates to a set of historical-genealogical events.

Peele Chronicles (History-Genealogy)

1.  Introduction.  The introduction contains a typical dedication to members of our Peele (Peal, Peel, Peele, Peelle) family, followed by acknowledgements of those who helped, and closes with an extensive Table of Contents.

3.  Family Name.  Ever wonder how names were formed?  How many times have you heard someone ask another person “Where did you get a name like that?”  This chapter addresses how surnames were formed in England in the 1400 to 1500 time frame.  Read it to discover the different types of surnames and to learn just how our surname, by whatever spelling, was formed.

4.  The Virginia Company of London.  What were the real reasons why our ancestors came to Virginia and just who that first bold PEELLE adventurer, or was he bold?  Who were those first people that attempted to settle in Virginia, what were their names?  In the fall and winter of 1622 the Indians in the vicinity of the early settlements attempted to kill all the settlers in Virginia.  As a result, the colony recorded the names of all the people still living and those that had died.  Who survived?

5.  The Trauma of the Quakers.  One could think of our ancestors as an uncontrolled ground-swell of humanity growing in an ever expanding circle, constantly organizing and reorganizing to improve conditions.  Why do we include a chapter on Quakers?  In the earlier chapters, we gained knowledge on the reasons why our brave adventurers came to Virginia, primarily to escape political pressures placed upon them by King Charles I.  This chapter reflects upon a new political-religious pressure, created by King Charles II, which affected our ancestors, that being the persecution and prosecution of the Society of Friends, the Quakers.

6.  The Growth of Early America - Snapshot.   People moving, boundaries changing, artificial lines being drawn on paper maps to form states, counties, precincts! If you have ever wanted a good history lesson on the changes in the early formation of Virginia and North Carolina, then read this chapter. Learn the changes caused by the movement of people and expansion into new unsettled territories.

7.  Virginia.   This chapter outlines the growth of the Peele family from Lawrence Peelle (1601) in Virginia to the present families with tentacles across America: in North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, Washington, California, etc, highlighting the Peelle family members who first moved to the different counties of the different states.

8.  The Notables and The Military.  A two section chapter highlighting biographies and memorials of some notable and some not-so-notable family members in the first section and military connections in the second, primarily listing Revolutionary and Civil War members.

9.  Events.   This chapter contains a chronological list of occurrences, events, and happenings such as Land Deeds, Grants, Rents, Tax Lists, and miscellaneous items which are of interest about the Peele family, friends, neighbors, and allied families.  These items are collected from a multitude of sources: books, records, deeds, wills, practically anything.  The source, when known, is listed in parenthesis at the end of each item.

10.  Wills.   This chapter contains information on surname changes within the family as well as an extensive collection of wills written by family members and allied families.  Many of the wills were copied from the originals from the State Archives such as the North Carolina State Archives.  All entries have been proofed and could be used as certified copies.  There are many ways of spelling our surname and some books are published which use one spelling of a family surname throughout the document, sometimes based upon the spelling of its author.  In this book however, the authors have taken every effort possible to use the recognized and correct spelling of each individuals surname.  It is considered by the authors that the spelling of the surname used by each person on his/her last will and testament is the only spelling by which he/she should be recognized, the signing of such is considered almost a sacred act.  The authors use signatures from wills to the maximum extent possible to ensure correct surname spellings in the book.

11.  References.  The References chapter contains a global set of general references used to gather much of the material presented within the pages of the document.  These references will not generally be shown within the document since their importance is minimal to that of the primary references which refer to items documented within the States (Virginia, North Carolina, etc.), the Events, and the Wills chapters.

12.  Index.   An index broken into seven parts: Family Members; Spouses of Family Members; Im[poprtant Persons; Surnames of Related Families; Relevant Locations; Relevant Terms & Words; and, References Used, in alphabetical order of course.

Genealogy: To Be Published in 2012

1.  Introduction.  The introduction will contain a typical dedication, acknowledgements, and a Table of Contents.

3.  The Peels, A Family Sketch.   An entire reprint of the book entitled The Peels, A Family Sketch written in England in 1877 by Jonathan Peel.  It explains the ancestry of the Peel family of England and their amazing origin.  We know you will enjoy his writings.  It is a perfect lead-in to the Peele Genealogy.

4.  The Peelle Family Tree  The complete Peelle Family Tree printed in the National Genealogical Society (NGS) Quarterly standard format.  This Chapter is extracted by our Peele database using Family Tree Maker.

6. Index.  A complete two column index in alphabetical order. 

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